Get expert advice for life!

This is for investors looking to get their HAND HELD for life in real estate

  Rated 4.8/5 by 100+ investors
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"This course is amazing. If you’re looking to leap frog all of the expensive and time consuming mistakes people make when starting out then this course is a must have... that will help you rocket past others trying to tough it out watching some “YouTube guru." You’re paying $225 dollars a year for that Netflix subscription to watch tv. Spend a little more and get something that will help change your life!!" - Stephen Malutich

Get expert advice for life!

This is for investors looking to get their HAND HELD for life in real estate

  Rated 4.8/5 by 100+ investors
Testimonial Image
"If you’re looking to leap frog all of the expensive and time consuming mistakes people make when starting out then this program is a must have..." - Stephen Malutich

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30+ hours of best-in-class real estate guidance

Starting Right

The 3 Strategies in Real Estate 🕙 12min

Picking a Name 🕙 4min

Step 1: Quickbooks & Virtual Mailbox 🕙 8min

Step 2: Business Structure 🕙 11min

Step 3: Tax ID 🕙 2min

Step 4: Register Your Business 🕙 5min

Step 5: Technology 🕙 8min

Step 6: Branding 🕙 6min

Step 7: Bank Accounts and Cash Management 🕙 16min

Step 8: Social Media 🕙 4min

Step 9: Start Talking to Lenders 🕙 3min

Step 10-A: Insurance Coverages 🕙 8min

Step 10-B: Insurance Structure 🕙 7min

Step 10-C: Insurance Claims 🕙 10min

Step 11: Buy Property or Quitclaim Deed 🕙 4min

Utilities: 🕙 5min

Building a Freelance Team 🕙 5min

Lockboxes 🕙 14min

Picture Strategy 🕙 21min

File Organization 🕙 23min


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Becoming Bankable

Overview: Differentiating Yourself in the Banking Process 🕕 20min

Preparation: The Bank Book 🕕 8min

Preparation: Personal Financial Statement (PFS) 🕕 5min

Preparation: Loan Opportunity Tear Sheet 🕕 16min

Preparation: Data Tape / Rent Roll (Global Spreadsheet) 🕕 4min

Preparation: Appraisals (Appraisal Workbook) 🕕 26min

Preparation: Design Book 🕕 3min

Finding Banks and Relationship Building 🕕 18min

Qualifying for a Loan 🕕 8min

Lenders and Loan Products 🕕 41min

Gap Funding 🕕 7min

Bridge Loans 🕕 5min

Conventional Loans 🕕 5min

DSCR Loans 🕕 16min

FHA & VA Loans 🕘3min

Fix & Flip Loans 🕘16min

Interest Only Loans 🕘8min

Lines of Credit 🕘6min

Multifamily Loans 🕘5min

Loan Comparison & Selection 🕘11min

Term Sheet & Commitment Letter 🕘21min

Documents & Closing 🕘13min


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Buying Right

Overview (The Importance of Buying Right) 🕙 2min

Software 🕙 9min

Where Should You Invest? 🕙 22min

Creating Maps 🕙 7min

Types of Real Estate 🕙 6min

What's a Good Deal? (Case Study Introduction) 🕙 2min

Question 1 - Gross Potential Rent (Case Study) 🕙 3min

Question 2 - After Repair Value (Case Study) 🕙 8min

Question 3 - Renovation Cost (Case Study) 🕙 5min

Question 4 - Max Purchase Price (Case Study) 🕙 3min

Question 5 - Financial Analysis (Case Study) 🕙 12min

1087 Minor Case Study Conclusion 🕙 17min

Direct to Seller (Part 1 - Motivation) 🕙 12min

Direct to Seller (Part 2 - Lead Generation Overview) 🕙 6min

Direct to Seller (Part 3 - Strategies) 🕙 23min

Realtors & MLS 🕙 8min

Wholesalers 🕙 15min

Tax and Bank Auctions 🕙 9min

Portfolios 🕙 5min

Sale & Leaseback 🕙 5min

Build For Rent 🕙 5min

Institutional Investors 🕙 4min

Preparing to Make Offers - Step 1: Find the Money 🕙 5min

Preparing to Make Offers - Step 2: Find the Closer 🕙 9min

Preparing to Make Offers - Step 3: Offer Cover Letter 🕙 9min

Making Offers: Direct-To-Seller (PSA Overview) 🕙 23min

Making Offers: Real Estate Agent 🕙 9min

Making Offers: Other Deal Channels 🕙 6min

Inspections & Negotiation 🕙 12min

Closing 🕙 11min


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Renovating Right

Introduction 🕙 9min

Renovation Levels 🕙 14min

Condemned Buildings 🕙 6min

Pricing Expectations 🕙 10min

Inspection Process Part 1 (Before and During Renovation) 🕙 8min

Inspection Process Part 2 (After Renovation) 🕙 7min

Types of Vendors (Complexity Pyramid) 🕙 29min

How to Hire Vendors 🕙 17min

Onboarding Vendors 🕙 7min

Vendor Master Service Agreement 🕙 20min

Vendor Insurance (Certificate of Insurance - COI) 🕙 5min

Paying Vendors 🕙 14min

Vendor Compliance Tracking 🕙 6min

Renovation Binder Intro (Cover Page) 🕙 10min

Construction Budget Spreadsheet 🕙 5min

Renovation Map 🕙 8min

Design Book (Introduction) 🕙 16min

Design Book (Exterior) 🕙 14min

Design Book (Interior Part 1) 🕙 10min

Design Book (Interior Part 2) 🕙 16min

Design Book (Materials and Inspections) 🕙 8min

Materials List (Part 1) 🕙 13min

Materials List (Part 2) 🕙 12min

Materials List (Part 3) 🕙 12min

Jobsite Notices 🕙 9min

Final Builder Inspection (Page 1) 🕙 22min

Final Builder Inspection (Page 2) 🕙 26min

Invoicing Instructions 🕙 10min

Getting Quotes (Part 1) 🕙 13min

Getting Quotes (Part 2) 🕙 11min

Jobsite Management (Part 1) 🕙 12min

Jobsite Management (Part 2) 🕙 13min

Common Code Enforcement Issues 🕙 11min

Exterior Components (Illustration) 🕙 14min

Framing Components (Illustration) 🕙 22min

Door Components (Illustration) 🕙 13min

Window Components (Illustration) 🕙 4min

Roof Components (Illustration) 🕙 10min

HVAC Components (illustration) 🕙 13min

Tile Floor Components (Illustration) 🕙 8min

Bathroom Fan Venting Components (Illustration) 🕙 4min

Laundry Venting Components (Illustration) 🕙 4min

Project Closing Timeline 🕙 12min


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Property Management

Intro and Questions to Ask 🕘12min

Why You Should Capture All Data 🕘15min

Team Structure 🕘9min

Organizing Projects 🕘7min

Property Management Software (Part 1) 🕘12min

Property Management Software (Part 2) 🕘18min

Additional Software 🕘5min

Overview of Task Management 🕘6min

Move-In Process (Task List) 🕘10min

Move-Out Turnover Process (Task List) 🕘16min

Move-Out Renovation Process (Task List) 🕘4min

Move-Out Break Lease Process (Task List) 🕘2min

Move-Out Pre-Eviction Process (Task List) 🕘8min

Acquisition Vacant Reno Process (Task List) 🕘5min

Acquisition Occupied Process (Task List) 🕘3min

Post-Renovation Process (Task List) 🕘6min

SafetyCulture and Slack Overview 🕘2min

Leasing - Vacancies, Data, & Syndication 🕘19min

Leasing - Syndication & Listing Timing 🕘8min

Leasing - Prospects & CRM 🕘2min

Leasing - Ease of Access 🕘7min

Lease Deep Dive 🕘22min

Application and Screening Deep Dive 🕘35min

Lease Renewals 🕘13min

Delinquency & Eviction 🕘15min

Property Information 🕘7min

People (Residents, Owners, Vendors) 🕘6min

Accounting 🕘3min

Reporting 🕘4min

Work Orders 🕘11min

Resident Communication 🕘7min


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Intro 🕙 2min

Step 1: Location 🕙 8min

Step 2: Name, Branding, & Social Media 🕙 5min

Step 3: Pricing Strategy 🕙 13min

Step 4 - Part 1: Interior Design 🕙 14min

Step 4 - Part 2: Exterior Design 🕙 5min

Step 5 - Consistency 🕙 3min

Step 6 - The Listing 🕙 5min

Step 7 - Picture Strategy 🕙 11min

Step 8 - Timing 🕙 5min

Step 9 - Showings 🕙 4min

Step 10 - Next Level 🕙 5min


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Introduction / Key Takeaways 🕘14min

Overview of Inspection Types 🕘4min

Intro to Inspection Software 🕘13min

How to Access SFRU Inspection Templates 🕘4min

Move-In Inspection 🕘32min

Move-Out Inspection 🕘38min

Drive-By Inspection 🕘12min

Vacant Home Inspection 🕘17min

Occupied Unit Inspection 🕘12min

Property Onboarding Inspection 🕘32min

Post-Renovation Inspection 🕘22min


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Tax Strategies

Examples of Flawed Strategies 🕙 5min

Getting Organized 🕙 7min

Protect Your Financials 🕙 10min

Depreciation 🕙 7min

Cost Segregation 🕙 13min

The Real Estate Professional 🕙 8min

Investor or Dealer? 🕙 5min

Tax Free Sales 🕙 4min


FAQ image

Theft & Scams

Introduction & Overview 🕙 3min

Types of Fraud Targeting Renters 🕙 8min

Data on Fraud Targeting Renters 🕙 5min

The Hijacked Listing 🕙 14min

Types of Fraud Targeting Landlords 🕙 6min

How to Fight Fraud Targeting Landlords 🕙 12min

Wire Fraud 🕙 12min

Title Theft 🕙 4min

Theft at the Jobsite 🕙 10min

Theft at Vacant Properties 🕙 8min


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Q: Who is The Victory Strategy for?

A: This course is specifically designed for experienced real estate investors who possess prior knowledge of the real estate industry, including those who have previously acquired rental properties or have a foundational understanding of real estate concepts. This course is positioned at an advanced level, denoted as a "2.0" course, catering to individuals seeking to deepen their expertise in real estate investment strategies and practices.

Q: Isn't it a bad time to invest in real estate?

A: The simple answer is this is one of the best times to invest in single family rentals. A recent Met Life study suggested that institutional investors would own up to 40% of all single family rentals by 2030. They own roughly 2% now. That is one of the largest wealth transfers in history, and one that you should be apart of. The key is to learn the principles we teach in our course and apply them consistently, regardless of the market conditions. You can find good deals no matter what if you stick to these principles and stay disciplined.

Q: How much capital do I need to get started?

A: It's pretty straightforward. You'll need enough cash for the down payment on the purchase price and any necessary renovations. Once you've got the property up and running smoothly, you can refinance, pull your initial funds out of the property, and start reinvesting that initial money into other deals.

Q: I’m not handy at all. Is real estate investing for me?

A: You do not have to know anything related to working in homes to be successful in real estate. We will tell you everything you need to know to be dangerous at a renovation project.

Q: Does the course material change to keep up with the times?

A: We re-record course videos frequently as the rental market changes, as new technology is introduced, and as new risks emerge. The Victory Strategy has a full time research team that keep up with the latest trends in all things single family


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